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Sandalwood Society of India Telangana
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Santalum album or Indian sandalwood is a tropical tree, and is the most commonly known source of sandalwood. This species has historically been cultivated, processed & traded since ancient times.



To give impetus to this prime species, the Sandalwood Society of Telangana is formed with the objective of providing an opportunity for the farmers to interact with the professionals.

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Indian Sandalwood (Santalum album L.) commonly know as Srigandha or Chandan belongs to the family Santalaceae. The genus Santalum, consists of 16 species, among them Indian Sandalwood i.e., S. album contains highest 4 - 6% of oil. Indian Sandalwood is highly priced due to its fragrant wood and oil. the sandalwood oil is used as a fixative in world class perfumes, aromatheraphy, various pharamaceutical preparations and cosmetics.

It is a pride of our nation and also symbolizes our state Telangana. The heartwood of the tree and the oil is in great demand globally for its high economic value. In recent times, the biotic interference has been the main reason for the depletion of the sandalwood growth in our country. To give more impetus to this prime species of our country, the Sandalwood Society of Telangana has been formed with objectives of providing an opportunity and a platform for the farmers to interact with the professionals and industry.

Sandalwood Cultivation



Sandalwood can grow in all types of well drained soils but preferably in red laterite, sandy loam, gneiss, quartz and sand mixed black soils. The soil should be moderately deep with good drainage. The pH of the soil should be 5.5-8.5



Sandalwood grows well in hot climate between 15 degrees C and 24 degrees C, with 600-1500mm rainfall per annum. The best growth is achieved in the range of 20 degress C - 38 degrees C temperature.


Seed Collection

The seeds can be collected from known superior populations of mature (more than 10 years old) trees. Ripened, purple coloured fruits should be collected and soaked in water for 24 hours before rubbing to remove the pulp before drying under shade.


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  • The pH of the Soil should be 5.5-8.5
  • Grows in hot climate 15 degrees C to 42 degree C
  • The seedlings should be of minimum 1-1.5 feet
  • FYM may be given 6 months after planting @15-20 kgs per seedling
  • For upto 1 month seedlings require 7-8 litres of water per day


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