• Sandalwood has special place in Indian tradition
  • It is used from cradle to cremation
  • Sandalwood has high commercial value
  • It is used in Cosmetics, soap industry and perfumery
  • It is also used in pharmaceutical and aroma therapy


I got great value for my Sandalwood crop. Thanks for all the support from the Sandalwood Society of Telangana.

Yadi Reddy (Farmer from Mahbubnagar)

Excited to see my crops growing, feel like growing wealth in my 15 acres farm. Good Plants and Services received from the society.

Mahesh Kumar (Farmer from Nagarjuna Sagar)
Economics of Sandalwood Plantations

The expenditure involved in raising one acre of sandalwood plantation, including land preparation, planting material, fertilization and other operations, and maintainance for 15 years is estimated to be rupees 15 lakhs. A major part of these expenses would be devoted towards protection. The estimated yild of heart wood, including roots, is 15kg per plant. As there are 250 mature trees per acre, the total estimated yield per acre will be 3750kgs. According to the present rate of rupees 6,000 per kg, the gross revenues estimated is 2.25 crores, with a net profit exceeding 2 crores.

It is compulsory for every farmer in possesion of sandalwood trees to make an entry in their respective land records (should reflect in RTC under crop column).



  • The pH of the Soil should be 5.5-8.5
  • Grows in hot climate 15 degrees C to 42 degree C
  • The seedlings should be of minimum 1-1.5 feet
  • FYM may be given 6 months after planting @15-20 kgs per seedling
  • For upto 1 month seedlings require 7-8 litres of water per day


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